International Gender Champions

Caux Initiatives of Change are proud to announce that our Executive Director, Ignacio Packer, has signed a pledge to become an International Gender Champion.

The International Gender Champions (IGC) Network counts over 333 decision-makers at the highest levels from international organisations, permanent missions and embassies, civil society organisations and the private sector, united by a commitment to break down gender barriers and make gender equality a working reality in their spheres of influence.

The core of the International Gender Champions work begins with the Panel Parity Pledge, the Gender-based Violence Pledge and two personal commitments that each Gender Champion makes every year to advance gender equality in their organisation or programmatic work.

Panel Parity Pledge

Through the Panel Parity Pledge, Champions commit to no longer take part in any single-sex panels. This Pledge has made the notion of single-sex panels unacceptable in the hubs where IGC operates and Champions have thus taken the lead in raising awareness of the need to ensure gender parity. Whilst originally designed to foster the inclusion of women in male-dominated panels, the Pledge is increasingly applied to all-female panels.

Gender-based Violence (GBV) Pledge

The Gender-based Violence (GBV) Pledge stands for zero tolerance of gender-based violence (GBV), sexist attitudes and behavior and aims to tackle some of the deepest and most harmful norms that prevent the equal rights of women and girls being realised.

Personal Commitments of Ignacio Packer as IGC Champion

The IGC’s core values which include creating and maintaining safe workplaces and treating every person with respect and fairness, mirror those of Caux Initiatives of Change: dedicated to providing a safe and judgment-free space where individuals, groups and organisations can engage effectively in the promotion of trust, ethical leadership and sustainable living. It is paramount for our Foundation to emphasize our unwavering stance on zero tolerance for gender-based violence, and to promote gender equality through our work. Through our commitment to uphold these values, we ensure that our volunteers, guests and staff can experience a sense of safety and equality in their interactions with us and during their stay at our centre for dialogue, the Caux Palace.

Consequently, Ignacio Packer, on behalf of Caux Initiatives of Change, has committed to pursue two commitments in 2024 aimed at advancing gender equality within the workplace and in interactions with partners, guests, and volunteers:

In 2024, Caux Initiatives of Change will deepen its understanding of social power dynamics and discrimination – with particular attention to gender. At the organizational level, Caux Initiatives of Change will better equip its staff, volunteers and guests at our Center for Dialogue to be active participants in the prevention of and response to sexual harassment at the workplace including our center for dialogue, the Caux Palace. I have made it a priority to report on this to the council of the Caux Initiatives of Change Foundation.

In 2024, Caux Initiatives of Change will increase its intergenerational leadership by inviting the youth leaders of the Caux Initiatives of Change Creative Leadership initiative to take more power and space, and to reinforce opportunities for their voices and leadership. With the support of these youth leaders from across the globe, our organization’s understanding goes beyond binary equality of men and women to consider differences in each individual’s sexual orientation, gender identity values, attitudes and life experiences. I make the commitment to support this type of leadership including to “get out of the way” when appropriate to offer power and space.

If you would like to learn more about the IGC Network, its members and activities, please visit their website.

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